The Verein zur Förderung der gesundheitlichen und medizinischen Versorgung von papierlosen und nichtversicherten Menschen in Bremen e.V. -Association for the Promotion of Health and Medical Care for Paperless and Uninsured People in Bremen- was founded in April 2022.

For Bremen residents without legal residence status (“paperless”) and other uninsured people, access to health care is often difficult. The association has been in the process of creating the following services since July 2022:

  • Accessible medical care
  • Advice on priority access to the regular health care system (Clearing)
  • Mediation and billing of health care in an external network of health care providers (Medical Consultation)

The project is largely funded by grants from the Senator for Health, Women and Consumer Protection.
The project currently consists of three employees, whose responsibilities include the medical consultation, counseling services (Clearing) for uninsured and paperless persons, as well as project coordination and public relations.